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Carrowclough, Co. Tipperary

This housing scheme was developed as a social housing project for Tipperary County Council by Deaton Lysaght Architects. It necessitated a great variety of different house types to cater for people on the housing list, with the possibility of the phased construction of the scheme.

There are single-storey, two storey and three-storey houses and apartments, in order to cater for all generations and combinations of families. In all a total of 55 houses and apartments were built, which comprised dwellings for anything from two people to seven people. The houses are grouped into clusters which combine a range of house types, to promote the integration of different user types, and to encourage the development of communities within the complex. The site is on the outskirts of Tipperary Town, and the design reflects the efforts made to integrate the houses in the project with an adaptation of the local vernacular elevational treatments, while also creating a new range of design details which give the scheme its own distinct character. It was built in two separate phases and was completed in 2002.