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Dunboyne – Newgreen Centre

Deaton Lysaght Architects were asked to design a new retail and commercial centre in Dunboyne, Co. Meath. The site is located at the interface between the village green, with its close terraces of housing and shops, and the later developments of housing and schools where the urban form is less defined. The brief, to develop a supermarket and car-parking, was unpromising, and in view of the sensitivity of the site, the design of the building therefore could not proceed in the normally accepted pattern of the large shed building.

It was decided that the building should address the street directly, and should be at least two-storey, so that it acted as a "book-end" for the village green. The volume of the building was compacted by accommodating the supermarket stores at first-floor level, and by developing further first-floor accommodation for a gym and office space. It was agreed with the planners that the building should have a landmark quality, and that it should be visible from the main approach road. The form of the building was therefore designed with a landmark glazed clock tower mounted on a sharp triangular base of grey limestone, with a wave-formed roof concealing the air-conditioning plant, and extensive stone cladding combining Balmoral red granite (which picks up the adjacent brickwork of local buildings) and white molinious limestone. The curved entrance is glazed and screened by brise-soleils.