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Eco-houses in Ratoath

These homes have been designed by Deaton Lysaght Architects to comply with nZEB (nearly-Zero Energy in Buildings) Regulations, which are scheduled to take effect in January 2021.

The architects worked closely with Ecohouse to provide a spacious, bright, contemporary layout in a house which is complementary to the neighbouring houses, but is utterly different in its performance and airtight standard. The houses are constructed to the highest insulation standards, with particular attention to the elimination of thermal bridging, airtightness, and control of ventilation. The heat source for the underfloor heating system is an electric air-to-water heat pump with an efficiency level of 4.5, i.e. it produces 4.5kW of heat for every 1kW of energy used. With the reduction in energy demand due to high insulation values and superior build quality, these homes will be constantly comfortable at a fraction of the operating cost of traditionally-built houses. Deaton Lysaght Architects have, through ongoing research and collaboration with leading suppliers and engineers, developed a high-quality approach to the provision of low-energy homes at affordable cost. They are currently involved in a number of low-energy home designs, each of which is designed to take advantage of the specific orientation and other site characteristics to produce bright, contemporary and easily-maintained homes. Through careful practical design and detailing, the superior performance of nZEB houses can be achieved without incurring substantial additional costs, yet the operational running costs will be substantially lower year after year.